Jaydie’s Qualifying Round Results

Jaydie’s qualifying round performance has been logged, check below or on the standings page to see how he did.

Jaydie Moore

Game Devil’s Crush Vice Project Doom Troubleshooters Vintage
Score 227,500 1 999,999
Game Battle Circuit Super Mario 64
Score 449,200 15

Qualifying Round Challenges Announced

The challenges to be used in the qualifying round of Season 3 have now been announced. If you have not already signed up and would like to participate click here to join. After each challenge a longplay of each game is listed to assist you in research the game.

Qualifying Round Challenges

Devil’s Crush (TurboGrafx-16)

High score challenge. No continues.

Vice project Doom (NES)

1 point scored for ever stage that is completed. Stages are defined as when the left number on the stage listing increases. EX: Going from 1-1 to 2-1 is 1 point. Going from 2-1 to 2-2 does not award a point. No continues.

Troubleshooters Vintage (Genesis) [Translation of Battle Mania Daiginjou]

High score challenge. No continues. Default difficulty. Players may chose 1 way, 2 way, or 8way control options. 2way recommended.

Battle Circuit (Arcade)

High Score challenge. Players only get one credit.

Super Mario 64 (N64)

Players have 30 minutes to get as many stars as possible. The timer starts as soon as a player moves Mario on the first stage they enter. No major glitches allowed.

Old-Schooled League Season 3 Sign-Ups Now Open

Season 2 is now over which means it’s time to look forward to season 3! Season 3 will largely the same as Season 2 with some slight tweaks to execution. Pay attention to the rules and format page for any changes. I’ll be checking in with past players to see if you’re in for Season 3. If you’re new check the how to join section and send me an email with the needed information. As usual we’re looking for 8 players before we can start things proper.

Also, we’re going to be giving one site tournaments again. Keep an eye out on this page for when they first one will be but it’s planned to over at Game On Gaming Center as they’ve been gracious enough to agree to host us there. Tournaments are planned to follow a similar format to the league but with shorter challenges to keep the run time down. I’ll be tweaking things tournament to tournament until we get it right.