Tramell “GeneralRoxus” Lowry’s Beginner Trial Results

On September 22nd, 2014 Tramell Lowry kicked off the Old-Schooled league at ThatGameStore when he took on the four challanges for the Beginner round of Season 1. Here’s how he did.

Player Date
Sonic &
Tramell "General Roxus" Lowry 22SEP2014 2 Acts 5,970 75,900 26:15

Tramell’s best performance of the night would be Star Force where Tramell had stated he had spent the most time practicing. His performance in Sonic & Knucles was good in Mushroom Hill Zone but sadly took a dive in the Flying Battery Zone with it’s difficulty spike. Where he had perhaps the most difficulty was with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where it was his first time playing the game, leading to a lot of time spent learning the way the game played instead of advancing along at full speed. Next month we have Don “Furluge” Scherig and Abraham Forosan scheduled to take on the Beginner round where they’ll see if they can’t beat Tramell’s scores.


The Old-Schooled League Season 1 Has Begun

After a long Hiatus I am proud to announce that Old-Schooled is once again returning in the form of the Old-Schooled league. The Old-Schooled section of the site has been completely revamped including the new League Standings page with a list of all the current players in the league, the challenges they will be facing, and what their performance was after their trials. I would like to thank everyone who has signed up and I hope you we’ll get even more signups now that the league has started. To learn more about the league head over to the Old-Schooled page.
Tramell Lowry

Tramell Lowry First Player to Accept the Challenge

For the very first trial we have Adam Vigilante scheduled for 22Sep2014. Tramell can currently be seen running most of the tournaments at ThatGameStore and on his youtube channel FightGameBros. Does Tramell have the retro gaming mettle to make it to the Expert round? Tune in to September 22nd at 6PM to find out.