What is Old-Schooled?

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One late night on March 26, 2011, the very first Old-Schooled retro gaming tournament was held at Tower of Games. A single elimination tournament with six entrants, the participants tested their mettle against 25 different games assigned in blind match-ups including Ms. Pac-Man, Contra, and Tetris. Since then Old-Schooled has changed over the years but its core has remained the same: to be a venue for anyone willing to face the challenge to put their retro gaming skills to the test while having a lot of fun doing so!

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Now Taking Players for Season 3

Season 2 of Old-Schooled is currently wrapping up and we are accepting new players for Season 3. The more players we get signed up now the shorter our hiatus between seasons will be. More on how to join the league is below.

The Old-Schooled League

Currently Old-Schooled takes the form of a league taking place over three rounds, Qualifying, Semi-Final. Player’s trials consist of a variety of challenges in a wide variety of games. Challenges can be things such as getting high scores, speed runs, or getting as far as you can in a game. How well a player does in their trial determines who advances to the next round, and ultimately who is crowned the champion for each season.

When Do League Events Happen?

The league format means that players schedule when their trials will be. Generally one to two trials are scheduled a month. During the qualifying round trials consist of a single player but the semi-final and final consist of two players per trial. The league commissioner will contact the next player on list to schedule trials shortly after the end of the previously held trial. Preferred trial times include evenings Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you want to trial at Tower of Games the time will have to be cleared with staff at Tower of Games in advance.

Joining the League

To officially join the league complete the following form and send it to furluge@furluge.com with the subject “Old-Schooled League Entry”.

Name (and Alias if requested): If you specify an alias your alias will be used in listings instead of your name if requested.

Phone Number: Phone numbers will not be published.

Email Address: Email addresses will not be published.

Permission to Film?: Specify if you do not wish to be filmed during live-streamed events. (Note: We will still record your gameplay and your voice.)

Old-Schooled Videos

There are a lot of videos related to Old-Schooled. Old-Schooled events are livestreamed when possible to Furluge’s twitch.tv channel or to ThatGameStore’s twitch.tv channel.

In addition over the years various promotions, video archives, and people trying their hand at games have been put together and uploaded to youtube, and you can see it all in the player below.


Players can either log their trials either at the League Organizer’s Twitch.tv studio or at Tower of Games. The fee to log a trial at Tower of Games is $6.

Tower of Games
5405 Indian River Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Phone: (757) 420-8008