Final Round Results

The final round of Old-Schooled has concluded and the results are in. Ryan has emerged victorious and claims the title of Old-Schooled Season 2 champion and the Season 2 trophy. The results and the video are posted below. As of now we are now officially gearing up for Season 3. If you haven’t already email to ensure your entry for the next season.

Final Round Results

Final Match: Ryan Law vs Jaydie Moore

Game Ryan Law Jaydie Moore
Super Metroid (SNES) 5:16:43 DNF

Winner: Ryan Law


The Final Challenge in Season 2 is Revealed: A Super Metroid RTA Race

With the semi-final round over the final challenge now looms on the horizon and it’s time for the last challenge in Season 2 to be announced. Get read because the final challenge for Old-Schooled will be a Metroid real-time attack race between Ryan and Jaydie with the winner taking home the title of Old-Schooled Season 2 Champion. Since this is is a big challenge the rules for it are very detailed. Below you will find the detailed rules for this speed run race and some reference material to help you prepare for your final challenge. Good luck.


Final Round Challenge

Super Metroid (SNES)

This challenge will be a real-time attack race between both players as they try to complete the game from beginning to end. For this challenge we will be trying to conform to the Super Metroid speed running community rules as much as possible. Many of the rules and terms may be referenced at the Super Metroid Speed Running Wiki. Terms will be linked to there whenever possible.

Basic Rules

  • Players must defeat all Bosses and Minibosses to include Ridley (Ceres Station), Bomb Torizo, Spore Spawn, Kraid, Crocomire, Phantoon, Botwoon, Draygon, Golden Torizo, Ridley, and Mother Brain.
  • Players may have any percentage level of completion baring the above condition.
  • No major glitches as elaborated in the glitches section below.
  • Real time attack in a race format as elaborated in the timing section below.
  • You may save the animals at your discretion.


Following the spirit of the Old-Schooled competition major glitches are not allowed. Glitches that are not allowed include, but are not limited to the following.

The following advanced techniques and glitches are expressly allowed.


Timing will be in a real-time attack format in a race setting between both players that allows for players to take breaks. We will be following the Timing Guidelines from the Metroid Speedrun Wiki for Full Categories. There will be some minor changes due to the nature of the event and to allow for players to take breaks. There is also to be expected some slight delay in time starting/stopping due to human error from your judge starting and stopping the on screen timer used for the match. For the day of the challenge we will follow the below procedure to ensure the best timing possible.

  • Players will setup and be asked if they want Moonwalk on for their save file. Text will be set to English.
  • Players will start the game and watch the intro and continue until Samus becomes controllable in the Ceres Station elevator and then reset the game.
  • Players will wait with the missile pointer on start game menu option.
  • The judge will initiate a 3 count to all players to start the game on the count of 3.
  • The judge will start the timer on the first frame after the missile pointer dissapears
  • The judge will end a player’s timer on the first frame where Samus faces forward when entering her gunship while escaping Zebes.
  • Players each have an independent clock. The player who logs the fastest time will be the winner. The clock is used to determine a winner instead of which player finishes first to allow players to take breaks as outlined below.

Breaks / Time Outs

Players are allowed to take breaks during their run. A player’s time while on break doesn’t count against their run time. To take a break a player should do the following.

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Set the controller down and remove their hands from the controller.
  3. Tell the judge they are requesting a time out. At this time the judge will stop that player’s time clock. Players should specifically use the phrase “Time out” to avoid confusion. The judge may refuse a time out if the player’s hands are still touching the controller.
  4. When returning players perform steps in reverse order. Telling the judge they are ending their time out using the phrase “Time in”. This will start the clock. Afterwards players may touch the controller again and resume the game.

Semi-Final Round Results

The Semi-Final round of Old-Schooled has concluded and the results are in. Ryan and Jaydie will be facing off in the Final Round to determine who reigns supreme in Hampton Roads this time to claim the coveted title of Old-Schooled Champion! Stay tuned for details about the upcoming event.

Semi-Final Round Results

Semi-Final Match 1: Ryan Law vs Josh Davis

Game Ryan Law Josh Davis
Jet Moto 2 (Playstation) 0 2
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Playstation) 4 2
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Playstation) 00:14:36 DNF
Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis) 6,010 28,880
Fighting Masters (Genesis) 4 0

Winner: Ryan Law



Semi-Final Match 2: Jaydie Moore vs. Nick Skogstad

Game Jaydie Moore Nick Skogstad
Jet Moto 2 (Playstation) 0 3
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Playstation) 4 0
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Playstation) 00:08:52 00:08:14
Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis) 65,650 9,810
Fighting Masters (Genesis) 4 0

Winner: Jaydie Moore

Semi-Final Match 1: Ryan vs Josh Scheduled for 8PM EST March 2, 2019

With the Qualifying round over we move onto the Semi-Final round. The match-ups have been randomly assigned and in the coming weeks our players will be facing off for the right to move onto the final round. The first two players are Ryan and Josh and they’ll be battling each other live on at 8PM EST on March 2, 2019.

Of course a new round means new challenges. The challenges our players will be facing are listed below. Good luck to everyone this round. Remember the full list of scores and standings can be pulled up from the league season 2 standings / current standings page from the menu above.

Semi-Final Round Challenges

Jet Moto 2 (Playstation)

Vs. challenge. Players will compete in a Head to Head Custom Circuit made of Slickrock Gorge, Meltdown, and Aftershock. Players must agree on the split screen mode to use before the start of the match. Players may change the split screen mode after reach race if both can agree.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Playstation)

Vs challenge. Players compete in versus mode. Best 4 of 7 wins the challenge. All characters are allowed. Players may change characters between each match. The player who is behind at the time of character selection may chose to pick a character first or allow their opponent to pick first, their choice.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Playstation)

Timed challenge. Beat the first boss Gaibon and Slogra as fast as possible. Time starts after hitting enter on the name entry screen. The player that does this the fastest wins. The player in the lead at the time of this challenge goes first.

Streets of Rage 2 (Genesis)

High score challenge. 2 Player mode. Both players will play simultaneously and may interfere with each other in game during gameplay. The player who is behind at the time of character selection may chose to pick a character first or allow their opponent to pick first, their choice.

Fighting Masters (Genesis)

Vs challenge. 2 Player versus mode. Best 4 of 7 wins. All characters are allowed. Players may change characters between each match. The player who is behind at the time of character selection may chose to pick a character first or allow their opponent to pick first, their choice.

Challenge Game Videos

To help in players research and preparation here are some long plays for each of the games they’ll be playing this round.

Qualifying Round Final Standings

The final round is now over. Here are the final standings for the entire round with everyone’s scores. Josh Davis, Jaydie Moore, Ryan Law, and Nick Skogstad will be advancing to the semi-finals!

Name Zillion 2 Round Score Neo Turf Masters Round Score
Josh Davis 0 0 16 3
Jaydie Moore 2 6 19 0
Ryan Law 5 9 16 3
Nick Skogstad 2 6 16 3
Kevin Crowling 0 0 7 9
Wes Thurman 0 0 8 6
Tramell Lowry 1 0 24 0
Tim Gusler 0 0 26 0
Name Dodonpachi Round Score Killer Instinct Round Score
Josh Davis 2,201,080 3 5 9
Jaydie Moore 4,017,900 9 1 0
Ryan Law 1,635,510 0 1 0
Nick Skogstad 1,745,260 0 2 0
Kevin Crowling 3,240,100 6 4 6
Wes Thurman 1,046,810 0 0 0
Tramell Lowry 1,399,500 0 3 3
Tim Gusler 948,570 0 1 0
Name Super Mario Kart Round Score Silver Surfer Round Score
Josh Davis 26 6 19,600 0
Jaydie Moore 18 0 48,800 9
Ryan Law 24 3 47,750 6
Nick Skogstad 34 9 6,500 0
Kevin Crowling 18 0 17,400 0
Wes Thurman 7 0 26,450 0
Tramell Lowry 18 0 40,550 3
Tim Gusler 9 0 36,300 0
Name Joy Mech Fight Round Score Metroid II Round Score
Josh Davis 44 9 1 0
Jaydie Moore 26 6 0 0
Ryan Law 7 0 6 6
Nick Skogstad 15 3 5 3
Kevin Crowling 8 0 1 0
Wes Thurman 7 0 13 9
Tramell Lowry 11 0 1 0
Tim Gusler 5 0 1 0
Name Grand Total
Josh Davis 30
Jaydie Moore 30
Ryan Law 27
Nick Skogstad 24
Kevin Crowling 21
Wes Thurman 15
Tramell Lowry 6
Tim Gusler 0