Old-Schooled June 2012 Secret Game Hint #1

With only Old-Schooled #10 only a few short days away, it couldn’t go by without at least one hint, right? So here it is. Good luck guessing it.


Old-Schooled #10 Promo

Time sure does fly by, and Old-Schooled has already had ten tournaments under its belt. And for the tenth tournament in the series I wanted to do something special, and that’s where not only this challenge for the tournament comes from, but also where the video comes from. Featured in this video is Evan Small as himself, Abraham Forosan as the Cameraman, and myself as, well, myself, and Abaddon. Music this time around is the Pixel Peeker Polka provided by http://incompetech.com and Deathborn’s theme from F-Zero GX.