Old-Schooled #11 Promo and Secret Game Hint

It seems like only yesterday it was Old-Schooled #10, and already Old-Schooled 11 is right on the horizon. So to get you revved up for this tournament we have the announcement with the six qualifying games, followed by a secret game hint. Think you can guess what this one is? I promise this one’ll be more fun to figure out than the last one.

July 2012 Secret Game Hint #1

Old-Schooled #10 Tournament Results

Tournament #10: Abaddon Rising

June 17, 2012 at Tower of Games



Name Initials
Evan Small EAS
David E. Simmons DES
Josh Davis JTD

Qualifying Round


SMB The Lost Levels World 8-1 (SNES)

JTD: 28,100
DES: 38,200
EAS: 35,200

Ninja Gaiden Stage 6-1 (NES)

JTD: 14,500
DES: 61,800
EAS: 20,800

Mega Man Wily’s Castle (NES)

JTD: 90,000
DES: 156,100
EAS: 75,400

Mike Tyson’s Punch-out World Circuit (NES)

JTD: 860
DES: 36,830
EAS: 290

The Guardian Legend Area 20 (NES)

JTD: 3,300
DES: 2,280
EAS: 480

Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES)

JTD: 2 Wins
DES: 2 Losses
EAS: 1 Win 1 Loss

Qualifying Round Results


Points Name Initials
15 David E. Simmons DES
12 Josh Davis JTD
9 Evan Small EAS

Final Round: DES vs. JTD (Best 3 of 5)


Mega Man 2 Boss Rush(NES)

DES: 11 Bosses & Game Finished
JTD: 5 Bosses

Alien Soldier (Genesis)

DES: 10,025
JTD: 13,645

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Death Egg Boss Rush(Genesis)

DES: 2 Bosses & Game Finished
JTD: 1 Boss

Archon (NES)

DES: Loss, 0 Pieces Left
JTD: Win, 4 Pieces Left

Super Metroid Boss Rush(SNES)

DES: 0 Bosses
JTD: 1 Boss

Winner: JTD

JTD takes 1st place in the 10th Old-Schooled Tournament!
DES takes 2nd place in the 10th Old-Schooled Tournament!

Old-Schooled #10 Promo

Time sure does fly by, and Old-Schooled has already had ten tournaments under its belt. And for the tenth tournament in the series I wanted to do something special, and that’s where not only this challenge for the tournament comes from, but also where the video comes from. Featured in this video is Evan Small as himself, Abraham Forosan as the Cameraman, and myself as, well, myself, and Abaddon. Music this time around is the Pixel Peeker Polka provided by http://incompetech.com and Deathborn’s theme from F-Zero GX.

Old-Schooled #9 Tournament Results

Tournament #9: Evan Planned to Crush You

May 20, 2012 at Tower of Games



Name Initials
David E. Simmons DES
Evan Small EAS
Abraham Forosan APF
Ken Wickle KRW
Josh Davis JTD
James Kaufman JDK

Qualifying Round


Solomon’s Key (NES)

DES: 37,950
EAS: 77,350
APF: 24,220
KRW: 13,700
JTD: 21,210
JDK: 9,490

Out Run (Arcade)

DES: 510,040
EAS: 2,796,640
APF: 538,280
KRW: 734,460
JTD: 3,397,740
JDK: 1,061,990

The Adventures of Bayou Billy (NES)

Tie-breaker was decieded by first to beat an enemy.
DES: 3,550, Won Tie-breaker
EAS: 3,550, Lost Tie-breaker
APF: 2,800, Won Tie-breaker
KRW: 3,650
JTD: 2,800, Lost Tie-breaker
JDK: 4,500

Dynamite Headdy (Genesis)

Tie-breaker was score at level 2, no time-limit.
DES: 26,700, Won Tie-breaker 55,800
EAS: 26,800, Won Tie-breaker 76,400
APF: 23,300
KRW: 26,800, Lost Tie-breaker 61,200
JTD: 26,700, Lost Tie-breaker 0
JDK: 26,300

Space Harrier II (Genesis)

DES: 2,350,800
EAS: 2,165,100
APF: 1,097,000
KRW: 1,403,700
JTD: 2,420,600
JDK: 787,000

Killer Instinct (SNES)

Round-robin vs. mode for 3 rounds, players used different fighters each round, and ties were settled via an extra match.
DES: 0 Wins, 3 Losses
EAS: 2 Wins, 1 Loss, Won Tie-breaker vs. APF
APF: 2 Wins, 1 Loss, Lost Tie-breaker vs. EAS
KRW: 1 Win, 2 Losses, Won Tie-breaker vs. JDK
JTD: 3 Wins, 0 Losses
JDK: 1 Win, 2 Losses, Lost Tie-breaker vs.KRW

Qualifying Round Results


Points Name Initials
29 Evan Small EAS
25 Josh Davis JTD
21 Ken Wickle KRW
20 David E. Simmons DES
16 James Kaufman JKD
15 Abraham Forosan APF

Final Round: EAS vs. JTD (Best 3 of 5)


Kid Icarus (NES)

Players were scored on a combined total of hearts plus end-of-stage score.
EAS: 49 hearts
JTD: 20 hearts

Mike Tyson’s Punchout (NES)

Players scores are a combined total of their best score against each fighter they faced.
EAS: 15,860
JTD: 20,360

Strikers 1945 Plus (Arcade)

EAS: 103,500
JTD: 149,500

Star Fox [Arwing Vs] (N64)

EAS: 5 kills
JTD: 2 kills

Worms Armageddon (N64)

EAS: 2 Worms remaning
JTD: 0 Worms remaning

Winner: EAS

EAS takes 1st place in the 9th Old-Schooled Tournament!
JTD takes 2nd place in the 9th Old-Schooled Tournament!

Old-Schooled May 2012 Secret Game Hint #3

The 9th tournament in the epic retro gaming face-off known as Old-Schooled draws nigh! How nigh you say?

That… nigh!

(Unless of course you’re reading this after it happened in which case that joke isn’t going to make much sense. Oh, how I date myself.)

With the tournament so ni- close there is only time for one, final, secret game hint. Let’s see if you can guess what the game will be based on the following clip.

Old-Schooled #8 Tournament Results

Tournament #8: End of the Millennium

April 15, 2012 at Tower of Games



Name Initials
Evan Small EAS
Timothy Gent TDG
Ken Wickle KRW
David Simmons DES
Jennifer McGuire JLM
Kelly Birt JKB
Victor Ramos VER

Qualifying Round

Strikers 1945 Plus was cut from this round due to time constraints.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (Arcade)

EAS: 49,510
VER: 39,340
DES: 23,800
TDG: 34,640
JKB: 26,940
JLM: 33,500
KRW: 93,770

Super Smash Bros. (N64)

Score Mode, two 4 player matches played. Ties in score settled via stock 1 sudden death at maximum damage.
Match 1: EAS, TDG, JLM, & VER
EAS: 5
TDG: -1 Lost Sudden Death vs. VER
JLM: -10
VER: -1 Won Sudden Death vs. TDG
Match 2: KRW, DES, JKB, & DVS
KRW: -3 Won Sudden Death vs. DES
DES: -3 Lost Sudden Death vs. KRW
JKB: -15
DVS: 10 (Added to balance match)

F-Zero X (N64)

EAS: 400
VER: 323
DES: 371
TDG: 337
JKB: 288
JLM: 135
KRW: 316

Mighty Bomb Jack (NES)

Trey Morton (KOM) Substituting for JLM
EAS: 129,880
VER: 75,240
DES: 105,980
TDG: 88,340
JKB: 40,040
KOM: 114,090
KRW: 53,120

Ninja Baseball Batman (Arcade)

Trey Morton (KOM) Substituting for JLM
EAS: 57,210
VER: 8,610
DES: 35,800
TDG: 38,530
JKB: 8,040
KOM: 22,260
KRW: 40,850

Qualifying Round Results


Points Name Initials
34 Evan Small EAS
23 Timothy Gent TDG
22 Ken Wickle KRW
20 Victor Ramos VER
19 David Simmons DES
15 Jennifer McGuire / Trey Morton JLM / KOM
7 Kelly Birt JKB

Final Round: EAS vs. TDG (Best 3 of 5)


The Quest of Ki (NES)

Players started at level 60 and had 10 minutes to see how many levels they could beat. Best score would be used to break ties.
EAS: 5 Levels, 36,900
TDG: 4 Levels, 16,600

Soldier Blade (TG16)

EAS: 531,100
TDG: 403,000

Goldeneye (N64)

EAS: 14 Kills
TDG: 4 Kills

Winner: EAS

EAS takes 1st place in the 8th Old-Schooled Tournament!
TDG takes 2nd place in the 8th Old-Schooled Tournament!

Old-Schooled April and May Promos

Whoops, once again I’ve proven my inability to update my page with normal updates as I get wrapped up in things. So sorry about that. For those of you who don’t already know this I’ve been expanding the Old-Schooled presence on the internet, adding a facebook group for it. Eventually I plan to move information about the tournament here as a permanent archive, but that’s still in the works. But anyway, here’s the last two promos for tournaments. Yes, they’re ads, but they’re fun to watch too.

May Promo

April Promo