Old-Schooled #10 Tournament Results

Tournament #10: Abaddon Rising

June 17, 2012 at Tower of Games



Name Initials
Evan Small EAS
David E. Simmons DES
Josh Davis JTD

Qualifying Round


SMB The Lost Levels World 8-1 (SNES)

JTD: 28,100
DES: 38,200
EAS: 35,200

Ninja Gaiden Stage 6-1 (NES)

JTD: 14,500
DES: 61,800
EAS: 20,800

Mega Man Wily’s Castle (NES)

JTD: 90,000
DES: 156,100
EAS: 75,400

Mike Tyson’s Punch-out World Circuit (NES)

JTD: 860
DES: 36,830
EAS: 290

The Guardian Legend Area 20 (NES)

JTD: 3,300
DES: 2,280
EAS: 480

Mortal Kombat 3 (SNES)

JTD: 2 Wins
DES: 2 Losses
EAS: 1 Win 1 Loss

Qualifying Round Results


Points Name Initials
15 David E. Simmons DES
12 Josh Davis JTD
9 Evan Small EAS

Final Round: DES vs. JTD (Best 3 of 5)


Mega Man 2 Boss Rush(NES)

DES: 11 Bosses & Game Finished
JTD: 5 Bosses

Alien Soldier (Genesis)

DES: 10,025
JTD: 13,645

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Death Egg Boss Rush(Genesis)

DES: 2 Bosses & Game Finished
JTD: 1 Boss

Archon (NES)

DES: Loss, 0 Pieces Left
JTD: Win, 4 Pieces Left

Super Metroid Boss Rush(SNES)

DES: 0 Bosses
JTD: 1 Boss

Winner: JTD

JTD takes 1st place in the 10th Old-Schooled Tournament!
DES takes 2nd place in the 10th Old-Schooled Tournament!


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