Sebastien “Slave2TheBox” Veland’s Beginner Trial Results

On November 17th, 2014 Sebastien Veland logged his trial for Season 1 of the Old-Schooled League at ThatGameStore when he took on the four challenges for the Beginner round. Here’s how he did.

Player Date
Sonic &
Sebastien "Slave2theBox" Veland 17NOV2014 3 Acts 22,220 47,700 23:53

Sebastien’s stand out performance this far into the league was Ms. Pac-Man where he logged the highest score yet at 22,220. He also claims the fastest defeat of the boss of the Eastern Palace, quickly dispatching the last red knight with the bow and arrow before it’s new attack pattern could even begin. His run through also had a stark reminder of just how harsh retro games can be when in Sonic & Knuckles the game refused to acknowledged he jumped into the spinning wire drum because he had jumped a pixel too high when entering it, plummeting Sonic to his death.


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