Don “Furluge” Scherig’s Beginner Trial Results

On October 13th, 2014 Don Scherig logged his trial for Season 1 of the Old-Schooled League at ThatGameStore when he took on the four challenges for the Beginner round. Here’s how he did.

Player Date
Sonic &
Don "Furluge" Scherig 13OCT2014 7 Acts 13,600 113,600 9:19

Don ran out the clock on Sonic & Knuckles, running out of time right before finishing the Lava Reef Zone. He also was quite pleased to pick up Larios’ 50,000 point bonus in Star Force but he lost control of the game shortly after the Alpha target. Legend of Zelda was finished in a solid 9 minutes and 19 seconds. His worst performance of the night would be Ms. Pac-Man, as he professes to really dislike the game, making it difficult for him to put the practice time in for it.


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