Old-Schooled #18 Tournament Results

Tournament #18: Freeplay 3

April 6, 2013 at the Chesapeake Central Library


Name Initials
Josh Davis JTD
Steven Waters SWW
Chris Andrews CLA
Derek Williams DRK
Roger Foye RPF
John Mizal JWM
Brehon Hughes BMH

Qualifying Round

Earthshaker (Pinball)

JTD: 353,930
SWW: 460,710
CLA: 547,580
DRK: 3,547,130
RPF: 1,596,040
JWM: 1,830,260
BMH: 1,264,610

Star Wars (Arcade)

JTD: 50,947
SWW: 55,607
CLA: 69,192
DRK: 109,647
RPF: 123,933
JWM: 67,849
BMH: 52,018

Congo Bongo (Arcade)

JTD: 5,680
SWW: 2,920
CLA: 3,780
DRK: 4,880
RPF: 2,350
JWM: 1,250
BMH: 4,260

Qualifying Round Results

Points Name Initials
19 Derek Williams DRK
14 Roger Foye RPF
12 Chris Andrews CLA
11 Brehon Hughes BMH
11 John Mizal JWM
9 Josh Davis JTD
8 Steven Waters SWW

Final Round: DRK vs. RPF (Best 2 of 3)

Dr. Who (Pinball)

DRK: 8,680,270
RPF: 6,491,580

Tempest (Arcade)

DRK: 24,050
RPF: 22,782

Winner: DRK

DRK, Derek Williams takes 1st place in the 18th Old-Schooled Tournament!
RPF, Roger Foye takes 2nd place in the 18th Old-Schooled Tournament!


This tournament gave out these custom t-shirts to the winners


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