Old-Schooled #14 Secret Game Hint

Old-Schooled #14 is coming soon, and if you didn’t already hear about it, this time we’re doing a Halloween themed tournament. This time around we have five qualifying games for you to start practicing on this time around.

Splatterhouse (Arcade)

Ghouls and Ghosts (Arcade)

Zombies ate my Neighbors (SNES)

Castlevania (NES)

Vampire Savior 2 (Arcade)

The top two players from the qualifying round will move on to the final round with five new secret games. And to help you out here’s a hint for one of those games. See if you can guess what the first game in the final round will be based on this short hint.

Old-Schooled #13 Promo and Secret Game Hint

Old-Schooled is turning lucky number #13 just in time for back to school. Get ready for the test this September 23rd by watching the video below and listening to the secret game hint. Can you guess what the game is? If you can post your guess in the comments!

September 2012 Secret Game Hint #1